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    News — Apothecary

    What is an Apothecary?

    What is an Apothecary

    It is a place where researches are developed to study the effect of plants and other substances of natural origin on certain aspects of the body, always looking for its therapeutic properties and its application to the people welfare. It is a holistic concept that we want to get back in Handmade Beauty to make all our clients live the experience of 100% personalized treatments according to their state of mind and physical ailments.

    In our Apothecary we work the fundamental pillars of natural cosmetics:

    - Aromatherapy: based on the effects of essential oils and their aromas.

    - Phytotherapy: focuses on the properties of plants prepared in different ways.

    - Halotherapy: works with the influence of different salts on the balance of liquids and minerals in our body.

    - Geotherapy: uses clays and mud to treat and improve some skin problems.

    All these elements are mixed and carefully prepared by our therapists, who will always choose the essential oils, plants and salts that best suit the needs of each person. The preparations they make are very varied and can range from the synergies of essential oils to herbal tinctures or floral infusions.

    Each ritual will make you immerse yourself in an aromatic experience that will make you feel better inside and out, since the topical application of the preparations produces visible effects on the skin, besides helping to leave behind the stress of the day that also makes our skin look sometimes lacking in luminosity and dehydrated.

    Exfoliation with strawberry seeds, seaweed masks, massage with synergies of essential oils, manicures and pedicures with floral infusions ... What will be your ritual?

    We hope you like the new concept established in the Handmade Beauty centers and that you can try it soon! We will be happy to see you and show you our Apothecary a little more.