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    News — Beauty Cosmetics

    Why is Handmade Beauty Cosmetics born?

    Handmade Beauty Cosmetics

    HandMade Beauty was born from my beliefs and way of seeing life overall, and it also was born from a need to attach beauty with a philosophy of life and health. Like any woman the concept of beauty has been in my life. Since childhood I've been interested in pampering myself and feeling good and beautiful. However, I realized that there was a great offer focused on a fast beauty, immediately, and at whatever cost, many times without paying attention on the quality of the ingredients, whether they were harmful to health and the environment or not, nor even if they were animal tested. For all these reasons, this type of beauty that was been promoted, did not coexist with my way of being nor thinking.

    For the need to change the way of seeing beauty, I thought about creating a space where all these values ​​in which I believe, could coexist. In this space I also wanted to share the beauty of the decoration, treatments and beauty products, my philosophy and healthy lifestyle, always being honest and consequently beautiful.

    Two years later, seeing that people enjoyed and understood the true value and essence of HandMade Beauty, I opened the second space. But my dream kept growing and I decided to complement it with my line of organic and natural products. Now I am focused on everything related to Toxic-Free nail polishes, natural exfoliants, body vegetable oils and organic nail treatments; but my desire to continue growing and creating new and innovative products for the body, does not end here.

    It is a really exciting project for me and one in which I deeply believe. Everything is done with a lot of love and honesty, and I would like to use HandMade Beauty to do my part for this world; not only to transmit these values, which are important to me, but to strengthen them. If we can improve our planet, our health, have respect for the environment and animals, enjoying and appreciating all the beauty of this world, we will achieve an authentic and real beauty. I hope you enjoy as much as I do and welcome to my world HandMade Beauty.