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    News — Essential Oils

    The Essential Oils World Clean Beauty Products

    Essential Oils World Clean Beauty Products

    In this post I am going to try to give you an approach to the great and exciting world of The Essential Oils . I have to start by saying what an essential oil is.  It is an extract obtained by distillation from specific parts of plants. They are composed of very small molecules that are very aromatic and can penetrate very easily into the skin. It is these compounds that make the plants to have characteristic aromas in their different parts (flowers, leaves, stems, etc). In addition, they are the compounds responsible of providing the therapeutic effects of plants.

     To apply them on the skin it is necessary to mix them with vegetable oils, which are those extracted by pressure (they have mainly fatty acids), exactly like the oils that we use in the kitchen. Some examples of vegetable oils that we can use are almond, jojoba, argan and coconut. It is necessary to mix the essential oils because they can irritate the skin and go to the bloodstream very easily if they are found very concentrated.

    Essential oils have been used for centuries to aromatize rooms, as aromatherapy and to treat skin and health issues such as respiratory or intestinal conditions. In HandMade Beauty we use them as  aromatherapy and in skin problems such as acne, hydration for dry skin or irritations, always respecting the contraindications that they may have and under the recommendations of naturopaths.

    I hope that this post has awakened your curiosity about essential oils. I also encourage you to try these effective natural cosmetics.

    Feed your Organic Spirit!