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    Nail Treatments

    Our wide range of nail treatments seeks to use harmless ingredients and include nutrients, such as organic silicon, to strengthen nails. The continuous use of aggressive nail polish, use of gels and acrylics, acetone removers can make serious damage to your nails. Handmade Beauty can help you to make your nails as strong and healthy as they can be.

    Our portfolio of products will help you to get back the strength and health of your nails:

    • Removes nail polish quickly and smoothly with our free acetone nail polish remover
    • Use our non-toxic Top Coat Fast Dry, you will get a glossy finish, good protection of the underlying nail polish and extra fast drying time (45-55 sec).
    • Prevent damage and improve the quality of damaged nails with our Non-Toxic basecoat to moisturize, remineralize, protect your nails
    • Recover an optical white and bright in your yellowish nails.

    Our nail products have been perfectly formulated under vegan principles to strengthen nail’s resistance like organic silicon, and organic vision with the perfect dose of pigments in the formulation guarantees a covering effect.

    All our toxic-free nail polishes are gluten-free,  recommended for everyone, including people with allergies and intolerances or under medical treatment (subject to authorization), pregnant women, and safety for kids.