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    "Improving the world starts with you"

    Diana Burillo, CEO of HandMade Beauty Cosmetics and Beauty Centers.

    Born in Mexico City, grew up in Europe and USA.

    Graduated in Interior Design, Culinary Arts ( Cordon Bleu) and Herbalism.

    Diana has been in the Beauty industry for 8 years, as a result of a personal awareness in a healthy diet and holistic lifestyle.

    Pioneer in the Spanish market as the founder of the first Organic and Natural Beauty Center and the creator of a Vegan Cosmeceutical beauty line and  Non Toxic Nail Polishes made in Europe.

    Expert in finding the right trends, bringing the full organic experience to the client and ambassador of HMB, Diana is committed to investigate, research and create new products that reunite trend, beauty, health and sustainability.

    Based on her culinary arts and herbalism knowledge, the treatments in her beauty centers are 100% personalized; based in the principles of phitotherapy, halotherapy, aromatherapy... making the experience unique and holistic.  In combination with the Vegan Cosmeceuticals and the Non toxic Nail Polishes  is a 360º Experience of Beauty and Science.

    Already expanding in the US market and LatinAmerica Market; Diana has de vision of bringing the full experience of a Natural and Honest living, beauty and cosmetics worldwide.