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    My name is Diana Burillo. I was born in Mexico City, but always lived outside my country and in different cities, which has made my life very enriching in every way.
    My career in the world of cosmetics has not been a path of roses, creating a brand, founding a beauty spaces and having a vision of the company as to compete in such saturated market, it has been a constant battle, mistakes, frustrations but at the same time, great satisfactions.
    HandMade Beauty is a project that was born from a dream and a necessity at the same time.
    A dream, because since I was a girl I loved working with natural cosmetics, with beauty and with the business world ... Need because at that time, living in Madrid, there was no similar offer in the market; a market that was booming world widely.
    This project has been an extension of myself, of my values in terms of beauty, health, lifestyle… In this 7 years we have had many transformations, many ups and downs, but thanks to all this learning, today is a solid brand, with a strong brand recognition and above all, true to its principles and values.
    HandMade Beauty is summed up as a lifestyle, where health and beauty spaces, workshops, exhibitions and talks continually happen to integrate each person in this magical world of beauty and well-being.
    HandMade Beauty is also a beauty brand, formulated thoroughly, with clean ingredients, respectful for the body and the environment and that manages to transmit all those values of the HMB concept.
    HandMade Beauty is an extension of my vision, a part of me that wants to show the world a real and honest beauty with a social commitment.
    I hope you enjoy it as much as me!